12V 290Ah (C100) AGM Deep Cycle Battery

BRAND  : Rolls Battery

Price :   $ 565.78

Description of product


The Rolls ‘Series 2’ battery is a sealed AGM, maintenance-free, non-spillable, dual purpose battery. The range has been designed for deep cycle and general purpose applications. They are the perfect solution to replace wet batteries, and are a competitive, yet cost effective option in replacing other sealed batteries. These batteries can be used in a wide variety of applications including; Mobility, Marine and RV, Solar and Wind Power Systems, Test Equipment, Telecommunications and Standby Power.


• Available in 5 Popular Sizes
• ABS Case & Cover
• 800 Cycles @ 50% D.O.D
• Sealed Construction
• Lower Internal Resistance

Technical Specification

Ah Rating 250Ah+
Country of Manufacture  
Dimensions (mm) 522 x 268 x 220
Material AGM
Voltage 12V
Weight (kgs) 73

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