PV Powered PVP30kW Commercial Grid-Tie Inverter

BRAND  :PV Powered

Price :   $ 30000

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PVP 30kWThe PV Powered PVP 30kW is a single inverter solution for small commercial installations.

This inverter combines the benefits of high reliability, low lifetime
cost, and leading efficiency into one easy-to-install system.


Their cutting edge design features the latest advancements in power technology,
including an intelligent power module that uses fifth generation,
self-protecting IGBT silicon—the most efficient and reliable
silicon technology available. System reliability is ensured by superior
quality components, including an integrated 98%-efficient, Energy
Star-rated transformer with field-configurable AC voltage output;
acid-free, long-life, film-type capacitors; and a medical-grade
DC power supply that provides clean, reliable power to system control


The PVP30kW-LV
is designed for trouble-free installation with UL-approved, load-break-rated
AC and DC disconnects. The modular design enables rapid field service
and field upgrades. With corrosion-resistant, aluminum construction
and—at half the size and weight of comparable products—it
can quickly and easily be installed in your preferred location,
indoors or out.


  • Fused sub-array combiners
  • Sub-combiner monitoring
  • Integrated revenue-grade meter
  • Positive ground
  • Third-party integrated data monitoring solutions
  • Preventive maintenance program
  • 20-year extended warranty

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