SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus SW 275 Mono Black Solar Panel - 275 Watt

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SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus SW 275 Mono Black Solar Panel - 275 Watt


This SolarWorld Sunmodule® Plus solar panel has black frame and black backsheet for a sleek, aesthetically pleasing all-black appearance on any rooftop. All Sunmodules feature a 25-year performance warranty and meet and exceeds all industry standards and certifications.

  • Outstanding 16.40% Module Efficiency
  • For high-performance commercial or residential grid-tie systems
  • CEC rating of 239.8
  • Salt mist resistant
  • PID-Free
  • Certified for 1000VDC solar system arrays
  • Monocrystalline cell structure
  • Stable aluminum frame for easy mounting
  • Made in the USA

Sunmodule Plus Performance Guarantee

  • 10-year product workmanship warranty
  • 25-year linear performance guarantee
  • At least 97% of nominal power in the first year
  • Guaranteed maximum performance reduction of only 0.7% per year
  • Guaranteed performance of 90% after 11 years
  • Guaranteed performance of 80.2% after 25 years
Summodule Plus Warranty
*in accordance with the applicable SolarWorld Limited Warranty at purchase.

SolarWorld carries out many more tests than required by international standards. Every component they use must meet at least 3 times IEC requirements. IEC tests are regularly performed on random solar modules taken from production sites to ensure the high reliability of the modules even after they are introduced.


                                                    Sunmodule Plus SW 275 Mono specifications
                       Plus SW275 Mono Black - 275 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Module


SolarWorld Model Number SW 275 Mono Black
STC Rating 275.0 Watts
PTC Rating 239.8
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 39.4 Volts
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 9.58 Amps
Frame Color Black
Power Tolerance 0/+5%
Module Efficiency 16.40 %
Area 18.06 ft²
Weight 39.7 lbs.
Length 65.95 in.
Width 39.4 in.
Height 1.30 in.

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