Panasonic VBHN330SA16 > 330 Watt Mono Solar Panel - 35mm Black Frame

BRAND  :Panasonic

Price :   $ 398.75

Description of product

Panasonic > 330 Watt Mono Solar Panel - Black Frame

96 Cell, 35mm Black Frame, White Backsheet

Model VBHN330SA16
Series Photovoltaic Module HIT®
Manufacturer Panasonic


Type Mono
Dimensions 62.598" x 41.457" x 1.378
Weight 40.81 lbs
Frame Black Anodized
Connector MC4


Watts (STC) 330 W
Max Power Voltage (VMPP) 58.0 V
Max Power Current (IMPP) 5.70 A
Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) 69.7 V
Short Circuit Current (ISC) 6.07 A
Max System Voltage (UL) DC 600 V


  • 10 Year product warranty, 90% output
  • 20 years, 80% output

Detailed Information

Panasonic photovoltaic HIT® modules (VBHN330SA16) feature an innovative hetero-junction cell structure made of mono-crystalline and amorphous silicon layers. Ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers prevent recombinations of electrons, keeping carrier loss to an absolute minimum. As a result, HIT® conversion efficiency ratings are among the highest available today.

19.7% module efficiency

Employing 96 cells in the same size footprint, N330 and N325 HIT® produce up to 36% more free electricity compared to conventional 60-cell panels.

  • More solar power output per square foot
  • Fewer panels to install, faster installations
  • Ideal for small roof areas
  • Greater cost savings for homeowners over a 25-year lifecycle


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